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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Webcam hacker PRO-Learn how to hack someones webcam

Webcam hacker PRO-Learn how to hack someones webcam

You know you can hack web camera? Even if you’re not a hacker, you can easily hack an internet webcam. You might wonder you will need some huge and complex softwares, some coding skills… or something like that?

But “hacking” without any coding skills? Seriously?
Psst. Okay, it’s not a “HACK” – it’s just a trick. But it’s awesome, really!

How to hack someones webcam

Finally we’ve upgraded Webcam Hacker PRO to a new version with more option and more powerfully that previous version of Webcam Hacker. Now you can hack webcam using just IP of victim without any permission.
The new version of Webcam Hacker PRO work on all messenger services and is undetectable by victim or by IM service because it is weekly updated automatically.
Is is very easy to be used: just insert IP or IM ID then click submit and webcam will be grabbed.
The new version of Webcam Hacker contain the following facilities:

Hack Yahoo Webcam
Hack Skype Webcam
Hack MSN Webcam
Hack Facebook Webcam
Hack GTalk Webcam
Hack Webcam with victim IP

This also includes the ability to:
  • Access almost any computer anywhere without knowing the computer password or IP Address.
  • Record and watch any webcam at the same time.
  • Record desktop action and watch at the same time.
  • Dig deep into files, download then and upload new ones.
  • Watch a webcam from any PC in the world.
  • Monitor activities whenever that PC or laptop is online.
  • Save all recordings in a number of file types.

Be a real hacker - PROFESSIONAL, and change the trend of HACKING.

Download the software from the link given below.
Run the .exe file.
Select service(MSN,Skype,Yahoo,AOL/AIM,Gtalk,Facebook,ICQ).
Enter target name in the box.
For MSN,enter MSN address.
For Skype,use Skype email address or name.
For Yahoo,enter yahoo email address.
Similarly,enter AOL/AIM,Gtalk,facebook and ICQ address.
Click on hack WEBCAM button.

Once,the victim is online,then you can easily spy his/her activities.

(This file has been downloaded 85898 times)
This software work perfectly on WIN XP, WIN 7, Win Vista, Win 8 and other windows distributions.
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  1. Thanks a lot Man,this web cam hacking software is working for me.

  2. hehe...thank you.I have been spying many girls from this webcam hacker pro.Hope not to get caught.