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Friday, July 5, 2013

Facebook Friend Adder-Send Unlimited Friend Requests on FACEBOOK

Facebook Friend Adder-Send Unlimited Friend Requests on FACEBOOK

Most of the people on Facebook are blocked these days for adding new friend. Avoid getting blocked from adding people: Don’t send a friend request to every profile you visit. Facebook Algo might ban you if you add people with no mutual friends. You can add strangers but avoid sending so many requests together. Give at least one day gap and wait for the other person to accept the pending request first before you send a new one. If someone’s not accepting your request and kept it pending, it is highly recommended to cancel your friend request.

Have you ever wanted to rack up tons of friends on Facebook but not have to sit there and click button after button? Do you ever wonder how some bands, or friends have hundreds of friends? Well now the secret is out. You now have the ability to send as little as 1 facebook friends request a day, or many more facebook friends request a day. You can send them in bulk, and see who accepts your friends request. The days of clicking buttons is over, and the days of builing your fan base, your friend base, or even your busniess base is here. Do what other done want to tell you how they are gathering mass friends on facebook. Start using Facebook Friends Auto Requester today.

Facebook is defined as a social networking site that is operated and helps you connect with friends and your friends. It allows you to make new connections with people with whom you share a common interest and thus expanding your personal network. Established in 2004 by a Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, it has become the worlds fastest growing social phenomenon like myspace and easier to use.
It’s owned by Facebook Inc Ca and Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder, is also the CEO of this fast growing social network.

It has features like the wall, pokes, photos where one can upload an unlimited number of photos and also delete, status, news feed, instant messaging (Chat), gifts, market place and it’s the only site that allows users to decorate their profiles using plain text.

With FaceBook Friend Adder  you can send
1. Mass Facebook Friend Requests
2. Mass Facebook Friend Messages
3. Mass Facebook Friend Pokes
4. Mass Facebook Wall Poster5.
Over 80 Million Members
6. 100% CAPTCHA Bypass** 
To bypass CAPTCHA you must first text FaceBook with your cellphone. They will send a confirmation that you will enter.
You will then be cleared to send messages and requests free of CAPTCHA codes. 

1. Download Facebook Friends Adder.

2. Unrar.

3. Open application.

4. Login it Facebook in application.

5. Click start.

6. Enjoy.



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